Rahue Africa’s DNA

Rahue Investment Ltd has a mission to be the best service provider in our areas of specialty, in Africa.

Our operations extend through various import and export lines of various food products, agricultural products and pharmaceuticals, among others. We work closely with different government officials and coordinators in the region, contributing to the access of our businesses to multiple markets in the country and region.

Rahue Investment Ltd  arises from the collaboration and commitment between Chileans and Ugandans to take advantage of opportunities in the continent, with the advantage that the operations center is located in Uganda; Pearl of Africa and business hub for the region.

Objective of Rahue Africa

To create connections between the producers or suppliers and the buyers or distributors in the region for financial development.

Specific objectives:

  • To collaborate with potential companies, organizations, stakeholders by linking the producers / suppliers and the potential buyers / distributors in the region.
  • To stimulate local market and tarp into virgin international and regional markets for development.
  • To source and network globally for technological skills, knowledge, Human resource to enhance human capital development in the region.

Our Mission

Supply and represent different companies with their high-quality products in Africa.

Our Vision

To be a fundamental link in projects under development, in order to represent different companies with their high-quality products that respond to the needs of the region.

Core Values



Team spirit


Our Goals

  1. Deliver reliable, quality, safe, cost-effective services, to our clients.
  2. Partner and invest in development projects that will lead to fundamental development in the region.
  3. Be an outstanding, responsible corporate company in Africa.

Rahue Investment Ltd conducts its business activities with the highest excellence, quality and under rigorous ethical standards and corporate transparency. It is our mission to represent different companies in the African continent to expand and invest in their markets.

Our Business Áreas

arrow_forward Rahue Medical

Under Rahue Medical we supply various medical products in the African Region grouped as follows:

  • Kits Covid
  • The injectable / Liquids.
  • Tablets / capsules / solids.
  • Serums / Drips.
  • Powdered medicine.
  • Medical Consumables.

arrow_forward Rahue Foods

Under Rahue food processing & beverages Uganda we supply various foods and drinks in the African region grouped as follows:

  • Canned food.
  • Military food.
  • Food in pouch: pork, chicken, beef.
  • Juice, Etc.

arrow_forward Export and Import

Development of processes and export products from Africa to the world:

  • Avocado, tea, coffee, tomato sauce.
  • Fruit juices, fruit purees.
  • Wines, ginger, cinnamon.

About Us

We represent Rahue Group of Companies in the African region under our different departments.

Rahue Investment Ltd is a legal, independent, and profit-making national company limited by shares with a certificate of incorporation no. 80020002479128.

We are located in Plot 12, Kanjokya Street, Kampala Central Division – Kampala, Uganda. And we are affiliated to Rahue Group of Companies with their headquarters based in Chile.

The administrative structure of Rahue Investment Ltd is composed of these directors:

Abius Tushemerirwe

Country Manager Uganda

Cecilia Donoso

Country Manager Chile

Jorge Cornejo


Coro Gonzalez-Aller

International Business Manager

Rahue Empresas presents its new African adventure: Rahue Investment Ltd

We could not be prouder of this new challenging project in which African and Latin American countries will develop strong bonds generating synergies we are confident will be a great success.

Rahue Investment Ltd is currently bringing the opportunity to ground our ideas and projects in this amazing country full of good vibes and business potential. Besides, we feel fortunate to count already with an outstanding team of professionals in our office in Kampala, who are already working hard to make all this effort real.